What Are Some Affordable Dental Care Options for Uninsured Americans?

A dentist attending to a male patientThe price of dental care in the US serves as a huge reason most uninsured Americans avoid the dentist, but fortunately for them, there are different low-cost options today.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Stafford, VA, the cost of basic dental services may be cheaper than in major cities such as Richmond. The place where you live determines the price of oral healthcare, especially if you live in a state with the best dental health.

Affordable Care

At least 74 million Americans had no dental insurance in 2016 based on data from the National Association of Dental Plans. Experts suggested uninsured patients look for clinics that partner with dental schools.

These clinics offer free medical checkups and X-rays, while standard dental cleaning costs around $25. You can check the American Student Dental Association’s website if you are eligible for services.

Government programs such as Medicaid are helpful for covering dental patients, but it remains hard for most people since they are seldom accepted by dental clinics.

You could, however, choose to avail of a dental discount card. Some cards cost around $16 per month and offer 50% off on basic services, which is cheaper than paying premiums worth up to $100 every month.

Best States

Some states have a lower rate of “dental anxiety” due to the low cost of dental services. An analysis showed that Minnesota ranked the best state for dental health for 2018, based on the dental habits and care, and oral health categories.

Connecticut ranked third on the list, but it had the highest percentage of adults who went to a dentist in the previous year. Virginia ranked 20th overall, yet it placed sixth best for dental habits and care, partly because of treatment costs.

Most dentists are aware that patients avoid them because of their expensive fees, so they have offered alternative payment options and incentives to lure more people.