What is Adrenal Fatigue and How Can You Manage It?

side view of two tired students in a coffee shopWhen people hear the word “adrenaline,” one of the things that come into their minds is the fight or flight response of the body. After all, adrenaline is the hormone secreted by the adrenal medulla. The fact that you immediately removed your finger from a hot pot means you secreted adrenaline. However, the disruption of adrenaline production can lead to conditions like adrenal fatigue, which is still a medical mystery for many medical professionals. It’s a condition with  non-specific symptoms after all.

Many people are suffering from adrenal fatigue, but thankfully, help centers in Las Vegas assist in keeping this condition at bay. But, as RedRiver Health and Wellness Center reminds, it’s best to understand what it is to know how you can manage it.

What is adrenal fatigue?

A person suffering from adrenal fatigue often feels exhausted, worn out, gain or lose weight excessively, and has disrupted sleep. This is often dismissed as stress and is often looked over by medical professionals.

A stressed person can feel recharged after a good amount of rest and nutritious food. But, adrenal fatigue sufferers do not find comfort in such “solutions.” A blood test can show insufficient levels of adrenal hormones, which can diagnose the patient as suffering from adrenal fatigue.

But, as the symptoms are too wide and can be caused by other physical conditions. A number of medical professionals do not take adrenal fatigue as a legitimate medical condition, leading to confusion in handling it.

How can one manage adrenal fatigue?

There is no direct cure for adrenal fatigue, but certain medications — along with a change of diet and lifestyle — can have a huge impact on one’s condition. Shifting to a diet that consists of more greens, natural vitamins, and minerals while avoiding inflammation-causing food like sugar would definitely help. Keeping yourself hydrated and sleeping early are also some of the ways you can manage it.

Managing adrenal fatigue can be tricky. Seeking professional help from center scan help you rise from the condition and help you get your old self back.