What to Drink: Healthy Hydration for Kids

Fluoridated Water in Salt Lake CityWhen it comes to choosing a beverage, kids are less likely to choose water. Some prefer soft drinks, while others like fruit juices and other sweetened beverages. The sad part is drinking too many sugary drinks can result in excess weight and tooth decay.

The Best Thirst Quencher

Water is the healthiest drink and is the best way to quench a thirst. It is good for both adults and kids, as it has no sugar. It hydrates the body without adding calories or causing harm to teeth. It is best to encourage kids to choose water as a drink instead of sugary beverages to prevent oral health issues. Walker Pediatric Dentistry and other pediatric dentists note that fluoridated water is a good choice, as it strengthens teeth and bones.

A Nutritious Drink

As a great source of calcium, milk is beneficial for having strong teeth and bones. Children (from two years old) need to drink reduced fat milk, which contains similar nutrients as full cream milk, but is healthier. Drinks that contain milk such as hot chocolate, milkshakes, and malted beverages should only be consumed occasionally.

A Small Glass Once a Day

Fruit and vegetable juices contain vitamins and minerals, including fiber. The thing is, however, they also contain sugar and some are acidic too. This is why it is advisable to give kids a small glass of fruit/vegetable juice. This is enough to get the recommended daily amount of vitamin C. You can also dilute the beverage with water lessen the sugar content and acidity levels.

Drinks to Avoid

Sweetened and acidic beverages such as cola, iced tea, and flavored mineral water contain large amounts of sugar. They significantly increase a child’s risk of tooth decay and cause other health issues, such as poor appetite and change in bowel movements. These should be consumed rarely and not on a regular basis. Kids, furthermore, should not have sports and energy drinks, as they are not suitable for children.

Encourage kids to drink more water. Milk should be a part of a healthy meal, while sugary beverages should be avoided or consumed occasionally.