When Should I Teach My Children to Floss?

Inspection of oral cavityDental health is an essential part of having great overall health. Making it a habit for your children to brush their teeth is a step towards the right direction. Brushing alone, however, is not enough to ensure that their teeth will be totally clean. Brushing takes care of the outer surfaces while flossing cleans the gaps and spaces between teeth. Flossing, therefore, is also a vital as brushing.

Age of the child

Dental clinics like Taree Dental Care recommend flossing for children who are at least two years and above. Parents should help the kid to floss up until they are six years of age when they can then floss on their own. It is advisable to visit your children’s dentist in Taree from when they are at least a year old.  Doing so gives them a good foundation of dental hygiene when their teeth start growing.

The right way to floss

There are a variety of different ways to floss depending on the type of floss you have. If you are using the traditional dental floss, teach the child to hold the floss with their thumb and index fingers and glide the floss in between the gaps in their teeth. Make it routine for you accompany the child every night just to be sure that he is doing it right.

Encourage flossing

You encourage your kid to floss by making it a habit for the entire family to floss. Children tend to copy what they see around them. If the child sees everyone flossing, then they will try and copy their parents and siblings. Alternatively, let him or her choose his favourite floss while shopping. This gets him excited to try it out once you are back home.

It is crucial for the child to floss every day to have healthy teeth and gums. Flossing helps rid the gaps between the teeth of plaque and food particles which if left alone could result in tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath.