When Travelling: Must-Try Activities to Achieve Overall Wellness

Holiday TipsPlanning to go on a relaxing holiday? Travelling with your family is one way of strengthening your bond with them while enjoying the outdoor activities, appreciating nature, as well as loving good food. These activities benefit your body, mind and soul. It allows you to recharge from a tiring week or a stressful situation.

According to the Office for National Statistics UK, in 2015, overseas residents made 36.1 million visits to the UK while residents made 65.7 million visits abroad. This goes to show that people love to travel both locally and internationally. 

While deciding on where to spend your holiday, consider the benefits you may gain from these travel options. May that be a planned beach holiday or booking a last minute ski accommodation, travel activities will surely revitalise your whole being.


Everyone loves everything about the beach: the sun, the sky and the sand. Once in a while, hit the beach and enjoy swimming activities with your family. Swimming is the best form of exercise because it builds your strength and cardio at the same time. The sound of the waves is so calming and the surrounding is soothing. It allows you to relax, be released from your aches, and allows you to de-stress. 


During the winter months, you might want to take your family to a ski resort. Several studies reveal that this activity may improve the ability to feel the position of different parts of the body. Skiing may strengthen the lower body muscles as well as your bones and joints. It also improves your mood and flexibility. Plan your ski trip with family and friends and avoid booking at the last minute for ski accommodation.


Hiking enables you to get closer to nature. Go on hikes to enjoy the fresh air and the stunning views it offers. It lowers the risk of heart disease, improves your balance and strengthens your core. Hiking also relieves stress and anxiety. 


Again, be one in nature and try camping in the woods. Enjoy good food with your family and friends. It improves your socialisation skills as well as your mood. Disconnect yourself from the normal life involving technology and enjoy the natural experience. The serene surrounding is good for meditation which can relax your mind and body.

As you travel, enjoy the different activities, sceneries and culture. Appreciate the company of others and be refreshed with the experiences you encounter. It is not the expenses that count because what matters is what you benefit from it.