Why Alcohol and Drug Rehab Prices Depend on Several Factors

Group of people on rehabA residential treatment center serves as a great option when considering alcohol or drug rehabilitation. The problem, however, is that the cost sometimes prevents people from finding the best facility for them or their loved ones. In most cases, the prices for residential treatment in an alcohol or drug rehab focus on the type of treatment, length of time, a facility’s services and its location.

Choosing a Facility

Private residential treatment facilities may charge between $7,500 and $120,000 for 30 days. The cost could be smaller even if the prices are normally reserved for prominent personalities, such as celebrities and professional athletes. Ordinary people can sign up for these luxury programs, especially for those who find it difficult to leave their high-end lifestyle.

If you still find it expensive to stay in a residential facility, an outpatient program may be a better option. This will require you to visit the center for a certain period of time; it could be a few hours every day or a few hours per week. Take note that the course of treatment may take longer, but the advantage involves having to pay smaller fees.

Other Treatment Types

Cognitive behavior therapy could be the best method of treatment for certain patients, particularly those who are capable of evaluating their own attitude, emotions, and thoughts. This also works for patients who experience anxiety or depression alongside their addiction. If you’re not good at analyzing your behavior or feelings, other types of treatment like counseling and neurotherapy are ideal. Ask a trusted family member or a doctor if you find it difficult to decide for yourself.

Each person’s situation is unique, so the cost of treatment for an addiction will depend on a patient’s needs. What do you think of staying in a residential treatment center?