Why Assistance Programs are More Necessary for Prescription Drugs

pack of pills and capsule medicinesThe cost of prescription medicine has become more expensive in the U.S., which led some insurance companies to provide rebates for their clients’ purchases.

While this is good news, it would not be applicable to under-insured and uninsured Americans. Those who want to stretch their budget for prescription drugs should consider financial help from third parties, including a patient assistance program for Victoza among patients with Type 2 diabetes.

Vitamin D as Medicine?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that over 27 million Americans live with Type 2 diabetes. As these numbers are expected to increase, some researchers have found ways to complement medicinal treatment with Vitamin D.

A Salk Institute report floated the idea of treating the disease by enhancing the effects of the vitamin, protecting beta cells that are responsible for the production of insulin. Damaged beta cells can be fatal for diabetic patients since these control insulin levels to curb their blood sugar. The study still requires extensive research, but it has already provided new insights on how to address other illnesses such as cancer.

Drug Rebates

The recent research for using Vitamin D may be interesting, but it may take long before a new type of vitamin-enhanced drug would be introduced in the market. For now, the rebates for insured patients are something that you can look forward to in the future, although not as soon as you may think.

Aetna is among the insurers that plan to give rebates to three million customers by 2019, while UnitedHealthcare plans to provide the same for more than seven million customers. However, these numbers pale in comparison to their combined client base of over 67 million people in the country.

The planned rebates for prescription drugs would be helpful, only if your insurance provider plans to offer them. This should lead uninsured and under-insured patients to consider an assistance program to provide them with access to prescription medications.