Will You Say “Yes” To These Proposal Trends?

Wedding Venue in KentMarriage proposals have gone a long way from the “pop the question on bended knee” days. Of course, some still go for the old-fashioned way. But more and more grooms-to-be are getting creative and personal in getting their (hopefully) future brides to say yes.

Before, wedding ceremonies are the only premeditated and well-documented milestones for couples. They plan every detail thoroughly, from catering down to the floral designs. They match the theme to their venue. A fairy-tale-themed wedding is often held in a garden, while country weddings are held in rural locations, similar to a wedding venue in Kent.

Times are changing, and the proposal is as big of a deal as the wedding itself. In the past few years, wedding planners observed trends in marriage proposals. Will brides-to-be say “yes” to them?

A whole day event

The proposal stretches from just one moment to an entire day. Grooms-to-be are planning their dates around their proposals. From when he picks her up, to their lunch date, to their getaway and then asking the question – he plans them all. Today’s grooms-to-be understand that the little moments leading up to the proposal make it memorable and special.

A family affair

Some proposals include the couple’s families, boosting their confidence in starting a life together. Some men also propose to their girlfriends’ families, further upping the ante. One man proposed to his girlfriend and her daughter. A collective sigh from both their families was heard right after.

Moments to capture

It’s not every day that a man asks for his woman’s hand in marriage. Popping the question and her tearful reaction only happen once, and capturing them makes the moment extra special. Hidden photographers are becoming more popular among those who are planning to propose. Some are even hiring videographers to make a footage of the whole thing to incorporate to their wedding videos.

Personal touch

Be it a getaway to a favourite vacation spot, a photo booth session, or maybe a flash mob, a proposal that has sentimental value to both partners is one worth remembering. If both partners are fans of Star Wars, why not go for a geeky proposal, for instance? The point is, the event speaks to the couple as two people, and then, as one unit. Now, that’s what a proposal is for, isn’t it?

Marriage proposals are milestones in every couple’s story. These are some trends that make them unforgettable. Will these trends get your “yes”?