You Can Do It: Moving on After a Broken Heart

Failed RelationshipMoving on, making a new start, starting over — whatever you want to call it. When you think you need some sort of reset button, it’s not an easy thing to do but it is doable. A failed relationship or marriage is not something that happens overnight; it takes time. Even celebrity marriages last longer than a few weeks. Before getting married, the couple may have dated at least a few times or lived together a few months or even years.

Picking yourself up after a blow to your personal happiness and routine may not be as easy as changing the sheets and forgetting all about how it used to be. Forgetting — or accepting — takes time. Here are some ideas on how to pick up the pieces and rediscover contentment and happiness:

Invest in yourself

Throw out your old clothes, especially the ones your ex-partner gave you. You can sell them at a garage sale or donate them to charity if they're still in good condition. If you want, you can even make self-improvements like visiting a hair and makeup salon or an expert that offers cosmetic dentistry in Lafayette, CO. The psychological effects of these can make you feel better about yourself.

Start traveling

Traveling has always been credited for being the answer to heartbreaks. Something about being surrounded by different people, places, and things makes the pain subside and eventually leave. Visit the places you’ve always wanted to go. When you’re good and ready, these could heal you slowly but surely.

Move to a new city or countryside

A change of address may have similar effects as traveling, but of course in a more permanent sense. When you move to a different place and meet new people, the things that remind you of your ex-partner will start to dwindle. With a change in scenery, you can also get a new job where you’ll meet new coworkers who may become your friends and help you heal.

Moving on and letting go of the things you once had or knew is a huge step and something you shouldn’t take lightly. However, it’s also something you need to do at some point. Choose the things you can do that may help you bounce back, and just take that leap.