You Do You: Wearing Sunglasses Indoors

Wearing Shades IndoorsFor some people, wearing sunglasses indoors is a sin. In their opinion, why put on shades when the sun’s not even out? Some of them think the look is stupid, especially considering that it is difficult to see anything with the tint on the eyewear.

If you’re the type who loves a pair of sunglasses inside the house, pay them no mind. It might seem impractical or just plain silly, but shades indoors can be cool and stylish, too.

Besides, you have your reasons.

Hide them Bruises

Accidents happen and sometimes, the eyes end up as the unlucky victim. Rather than face the endless questions about how you got it (the backstory can be embarrassing), just wear your favorite pair of bamboo frame shades. These stylish accessories serve as a temporary fix until the shiner heals up.

For others, sunglasses are the easiest solutions to conceal birthmarks or facial features they want to cover up. Some even shop for specific glass frames to conceal that part of their face.

Just Plain Intimidating

Sunglasses, despite the size or shape, can be very intimidating. People learn more about you by looking at your eyes. When you enjoy a conversation, steady eye contact is the best way to convey your interest. Otherwise, donning a pair of shades is a convenient form of escape.

When someone wears sunglasses, you don’t know if they are looking at you. If you wish to keep to yourself, just wear your shades and maybe plug in some earphones; people are bound to get the message.

Feel like a Celebrity

Admittedly, wearing sunglasses also adds to your look and can make you a lot cooler. Shades do more than just protect your eyes—these are also fashion statements. The addition of sunglasses to your ensemble creates an individual style that impresses others. Mix and match with your clothes while adding these accessories to pull off a classic or a hip look.

Wearing sunglasses indoors shouldn’t be a crime. We all have our reasons for wearing them inside the house or wherever else. Ignore the comments—just rock your style and find your overall look.