Your Daily Fix of Fresh Produce – A Guide to Buying Fruits and Veggies

Buying Fruits and Veggies in Brisbane When you’re buying your own produce, you’d want to get the most of your money. Fruits and vegetables are a lot more complicated to deal with as compared to food items with the expiration date. Most of you might know the feeling of purchasing produce only to find out that it is either under-ripe or spoiled. Thankfully, there are steps you can do to ensure you’re picking fresh and season’s best produce, here are some of them:

When shopping:

  • Carefully inspect the surface of the produce and spot any bruise or damage.
  • Picking fruits and vegetables involves your sense of sight, smell, and touch so be sure to make use of them.
  • For soft fruits (like strawberry, grapes and plums), avoid squeezing them too much because you might bruise or damage them when handled roughly
  • When selecting freshly-cut produce, always go with products that are properly refrigerated or surrounded by ice.
  • Separate fresh produce from other market products like meat, poultry and seafood. This is to help avoid contamination to both food items.
  • Consider the season of the fruit. If you’re currently shopping for a tropical fruit, don’t expect to find a cheap one during winter. Remember that supply precedes price.

Where’s the Best Place to Shop?

  • Do your assignment and research on some of the best spots to shop for fresh produce.
  • Other than the grocery and supermarket, the local farmer’s market nearby your area is a good pick to source your fruits and veggies.
  • Try visiting some fruit suppliers in Brisbane because they often sell their products at a lesser price. However, you must also be prepared to buy in bulk or wholesale.

Storage Requirements

Most fruits and vegetables react quickly to sudden temperature changes. To avoid spoilage or damages on your fresh produce, stock them up in a clean, sanitised refrigerator and maintain the 40°F or lower temperature level. This is also an effective way to stop them from ripening.

Buy the best and freshest produce in your area with these basic handling, storing and buying tips. With these in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy farm-fresh fruits and veggies at any time of the day.